Ricardo Perez is struggling through his third year in A-ball as a back-up catcher, barely hitting above The Mendoza Line (.200). His marriage to Christina is on the rocks. Her patience of spending the summers in a small hot valley town with no friends, caring for their two year old son, working two part-time jobs while supporting Ricardo’s progressively unrealistic dream is wearing thin. As undocumented immigrants, they are constantly looking over their shoulders. 

RENTAL or PURCHASE PACKAGE INCLUDES Director Nathan Kaufman's acclaimed baseball documentariy MINOR LEAGUES/MAJOR DREAMS.
Meet The Team
  1. Executive Director
    as Ricardo Perez
  2. Executive Director
    Lon Sierra
    as Phil Pichette
  3. Executive Director
    Dawayne Jordan
    as Reggie Ross
  4. Executive Director
    Laurie Burke
    as Renee Pichette
  5. Executive Director
    Valentina Lugo
    as Christina Perez
  6. Executive Director
    Cesar Flores
    as Gino Montoya